Neutralizing Self Doubt

"The results were instant, immediate… I felt a release or an unblocking of something that I couldn't do much about on my own. I felt it in the days and weeks that followed as the empowerment continued to unfold and work on me. If you’re looking to release things that stop, limit, or block you from moving forward, then Isaiah is your guy."

The Power of Neutralize Insecurity

Learn how to break free from the sabotaging effects of uncertainty that prevent you from achieving your goals and desires.

1. How to Release Subconscious Sabotage

Uncover the unconscious patterns that hinder clarity, motivation, and confidence. Learn how to release them to strengthen your conviction.

2. How to Confront Circumstances That Limit You

Instead of eliminating the internal factors that cause limiting circumstances, we tend to fight them and not deal with the underlying causes. Let go of the biases that dictate struggle; and see how change is organic, and not forced.

3. How Progress is Driven by Self-Esteem

People work hard to succeed, but they sacrifice accomplishment for stress and pressure. Get in touch with your irrevocable worthy nature and align yourself with it instead of allowing conditioning to hold you back.



The Power to Neutralize Insecurities

Isaiah McGee, C.Ht.,is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, consulting and counseling virtually around the globe empowering the support that nourishes well-being. Through his 15-year hypnotherapy practice, A Conscious Life Hypnotherapy, Isaiah supports individuals and companies in the realignment of the subconscious associations that promote well-being. A prolific writer, blogger and author, Isaiah's books and writings on empowerment including his best-selling, ‘Confessions of a Therapist’, have garnered numerous awards and commendations for his empowerment work. Recipient of the 2020, 2021 and 2022 Healthcare & Pharmaceutical Award for most Empowering Hypnotherapy Provider – USA and Best Inspirational Blog awarded by the review site, Isaiah is an avid nature enthusiast and pescatarian cook.

From chronic financial lack to hereditary diseases that plague family history including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and MS that have threatened my well-being, have all been liberated from and cleared from subconscious realignment. Now, as an internationally known Hypnotherapist with noted Hollywood clients to Johnsburg and London citizens and throughout the UK, to across the U.S., a waiting-list Hypnotherapy Practice has supported the empowerment of literally more than 3,000 individuals in realizing inherent well-being. Join me in a Masterclass in the discovery that your own mastery is just a breath away.


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