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The 8Figure Team

Apply Rules

If the voltage changes by a large enough

Implement Next

Technologies that open gates to your mind

Your Journey

Your Start

Living paycheck to paycheck, wondering when your dream of being a successful entrepreneur will come true.

Your Rise

Imagine the freedom to travel... the freedom to live life to the FULLEST. Creating legacy and financial freedom through your passions...literally!

You'll be able to successfully LAUNCH your own online business in 30 days or less.

Plus you will have the systems and automations in place to create TIME and FINANCIAL freedom.

Passion To Profit will give you the tools you need to

create impact and most importantly... PROFIT!

What People Think

"One thing that I experienced right away working with Isaiah is his intuition - he knew how to hone in and direct the hypnosis treatment for addressing exactly my issue. The results were instant, immediate… I felt a release or an unblocking of something that I couldn't do much about on my own. I felt it in the days and weeks that followed as the empowerment continued to unfold and work on me. If you’re looking to release things that stop, limit, or block you from moving forward, then Isaiah is your guy."

Liz P.

Executive Director

“There are not enough praises in the dictionary to describe how much I have benefited from being a patient of Isaiah's and how my life has evolved and ascended drastically for the better. I transitioned with really, really increasing speed into a career I am passionate about and have become a better wife and mom. I would recommend Isaiah to anyone.”

Christina Z.

Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer

“Want to share incredible news about this man named Isaiah McGee. I knew there was something inside of me that I wanted to fulfill but a lot of things were getting in my way. From the moment I met Isaiah, I felt safe. I felt seen, I felt heard, and I felt hope. The things we spoke about and more came to past to the point where I was like, ‘Yo, this shit (therapeutic hypnosis) really works. Like it really works!’ And that's what he does. Thank you so much, Isaiah, for everything, the person and the human being you are, I'm so happy you came into my life."

Stephen Rider

Actor, featured co-star "Daredevil", "Instinct" TV Series'

In this Masterclass, You'll Learn

1. How to launch your online business in 30 days or less

Turn your passion into profit quickly and without a lot of tech. We will give you the proven formula and show you how to implement it.

2. How to create an offer that converts

Learn how to position your passion into an offer that will give you quick results.

3. How to automate your online business

We will show you the system to implement into your business so that money can come in on autopilot whether you are at home with the family or on the beach in Jamaica.


The 8Figure Team

Jessica Parker is the founder of I Am Live a 7 Figure media company that provides PR and event services and co-founder of 8 Figure Toolkit a coaching and agency company that serves digital product creators. Jessica’s journey of entrepreneurship started 10 years ago when she began selling real estate in Fairfax, VA… just a few miles away from the US capital.

As Jessica grew her brand she realized that relationships were one of the main keys to her 7 figure success. She works with clients who have been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur magazine, Essence, Black Enterprise and Today (just to name a few)!

Jessica is a black divorced mom of 3 who was born into the foster care system in the 90s. She has broken many generational curses, stigmas and gone against the odds since day 1!

“I want to give Isaiah McGee and A Conscious Life Hypnotherapy, a five star review. Since I've been working with Isaiah his work has been game a changer for me. It's helped my business. It's helped my personal life. If you are looking to make some good changes in your life, if you're looking to have a perspective change, if you're feeling stuck and you wanna make some grand changes in your life, contacting Isaiah is the best thing you could do.”

Rohit Sharma

“Seeing Isaiah McGee has been a life and game changer. When I first went to Isaiah, I felt I had a dark cloud following me everywhere. Was unhappy in my personal life. My career had stalled. Had no direction. My first session with him was a revelation and it opened so many possibilities. I then started his Courses and experienced so many aha moments in the Courses. Isaiah is gifted and skilled in listening, helping people to unlock their potential, and realize and welcome what's optimum about them. Isaiah has been brilliant. His Courses are fantastic. He's friendly, warm, down to earth. Since I've met Isaiah, everything has changed. I know where I'm going. I'm focused. I don't have doubt or fear about who I am or what I'm doing. He is a life saver. Participate in the Courses, try the one to ones. You will not regret it.”

JB Rose, United Kingdom

“I can personally attest to the programs Isaiah designed for me. I've had profound shifts professionally, creatively, and personally. Professionally I've received several title bump raises, personally, I met the love of my life along my journey with Isaiah and creatively I've reached extensive milestones. Most importantly, I've got to know and love my most authentic self and I'm grateful. Thank you, Isaiah, for being you and for being in my world.”
April G., TV Producer
“Isaiah’s expertise came into my life right before the toughest time I would think I'd have to experience when I lost my twin brother. Isaiah and I were working to rebuild myself again and build a foundation where I could find a reason to live again. And I'm so excited for how far we've come and I'm so excited for what he's helped me find for myself. And I can't wait to see how and where we go next. I highly recommend Isaiah, he's a pure heart and so knowledgeable, and one of the best people out there in hypnotherapy.”
Rita A.


Turn Your Passion into Profit

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